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Introduction time! / general opening chat

Go ahead and talk about something different then smartwatches...

Hello everybody. Well I guess most of the visitors here will already know each other from the other forum. But if you feel like it you can introduce yourself here, and also we can use this thread for the beginning days of this forum, to work out the possible questions/issues.

If you see ANY issues please let us know.

You probably already know me, but I'm Delano, 23 years old, live in the Netherlands, and work in a (mobile) phone store.
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Hi all, I'm a retired telco worker in Qld Australia. I like my tech stuff and am looking forward to getting the TS. I use a GS4 and play with Rc yachts. The longest I waited for anything was 6 months for a new car I wanted, Hope the TS doesn't take as long to arrive.

:D Regards Dick.

PS I am going to go all out with the TS and with help from others on the forums try other ROMs.
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Hey guys
Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:05 pm

I'm a geek working at a local Best Buy in the phone department, long time wearables advocate, excited that technology is only just starting to catch up. I've backed almost 40 different Kickstarter campaigns and of the ones that have succeeded, this one may have the worst communication, but the best prize for our patience. The TrueSmart will be completely replacing my Nexus 4 as a phone and when I'm anywhere not home, of course I'll probably still want the bigger screen when I am at home, so it'll stick around for awhile.

I also backed the Neptune Pine and plan to review them both at the same time to really see what the companies did differently. (The TrueSmart wins in the looks department, no question)

I run the Official G+ Developers page with Kurt, am a mod on the Unofficial General G+ that Luis Gil started, and am one of the old official forum mods. I'll be a general mod on here, now replacing my involvement with the official forums. I look forward to this being a much nicer experience for everyone. :)
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