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[INFO] Omate Truesmart: Useful links

General talk about the Omate TrueSmart...
[INFO] Omate Truesmart: Useful links
Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:33 am

Useful Links and Information About Omate TrueSmart
Updated 4/11/2013 by Zhou

Kickstarter Page | Link | The place where it all began
TrueSmart Wiki | Link | Questions and Answers compiled by Backers throughout the Campaign
Omate's Youtube Channel | Link
TrueSmart Unlocked Clockfaces | Link | All unlocked Clockfaces via Kickstarter stretch goals
Latest HQ Photos of the TrueSmart | Link | Taken by Nicole Lee of Engadget during the Glaze Conference
Omate's Official Website | Link
Omate's Pre-order Page | Link | For those who missed the Kickstarter Campaign
Omate TrueSmart's Google+ Page | Link
Omate CEO Laurent Le Pen's G+ Page | Link
Omate TrueSmart's Facebook Page | Link
Omate TrueSmart's Twitter | Link
Omate CEO Laurent Le Pen's Twitter | Link
Omate Co-Founder Nick NM Yap G+ Page | Link
Truesmart Demo Video | Link | By JASKRU
Official Truesmart Production Prototype Preview | Link ( this is the first video showing real apps fully working on the TrueSmart - Must Watch ! )
Detailed Pictures of the Truesmart - 4/11/2013 | Link
Video of the Truesmart in Action - 4/11/2013 | Link
Official FCC information and pictures | Link
User guide made by Masteroftime | Link
General info thread by Loki, how to's etc. | [url]Link[/url] (updated link coming)
More will be added in the future.
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