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[INFO] Lokfish Marz's work, including mod(patch) and rom.

General talk about the Omate TrueSmart...

The posting of this thread has been approved by the creator Lokifish Marz

Umeox x201 Compendium (TrueSmart, AW-414/420, AX-3, XTouch, etc..)

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This will be the first place to look for information, files, guides and links to external sources for the TrueSmart, AW-414/420, AX-3, XTouch, etc... Please refer users to this thread first to help keep other threads clean. I will have limited time so I will not reformat and duplicate this in a wiki as this thread should be more than enough to help folks out.

*All info in this thread will be checked and will have reference links whenever possible. Should there be a conflict of information from sources it will defer to the core source. This means that Android policy comes from Google, HW specs comes from the hardware manufacturer, firmware version info comes from the OEM and so on.

ROM and Other Projects
Active will be defined as updates or new releases within the past two months.
Inactive will be defined as no activity for two to six months.
Abandoned will be defined as no activity for more than six months.
Final should be consider finished and closed.

  1. Specifications and Firmware version release history
  2. Software and tools
  3. Root/Unlock/Relock/Return to Stock Methods
  4. Kernels, ROMs and MOD packs
  5. Software hacks/mods
  6. Themes and themeing
  7. Development tools/guides
  8. Accessories and Hardware hacks/mods
  9. Common Issues and Fixes & MISC

It is strongly recommended the development projects and their Q&A threads be posted on XDA. Once we have our own section their, projects can be submitted to a development database which also links to Q&A support threads as well.
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