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Quick Questions (Gear comparisons)

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Quick Questions (Gear comparisons)
Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:56 pm

A recent article on Android Police checking out the new Gear smartwatches raised some interesting concerns for me about the Omate and whether it has similar issues. The issues pointed out were:

•You pretty much have to take it off in a movie theater or otherwise put it somewhere where it's not going to randomly illuminate. Unless you turn off the wrist detection gesture in the Gear Manager app (inconvenient!) even level 1 brightness is going to be very noticeable in that kind of venue.
•Wearing the Gear while driving a car at night can be distracting - just using the steering wheel as you normally would will cause it to illuminate sometimes, which will catch your eye and probably distract you momentarily. Yet another scenario where I was often forced to take it off.

From what I understand, it illuminates with a flick of the wrist right? Then screen goes off when idle. Has there been an app developed that maybe can put it in "movie mode" for a specific amount of time like an alarm/timer or a quick setting to turn off the automatic wrist detection (also possibly with a timer type thing)? Maybe a driving-mode app too?
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I don't think it will have that feature by default, as far as I know you need to install an app to get that feature to work... At least my simvalley doesn't have the feature... I also just played with a Galaxy Gear (and a Sony and an IM Watch) in a store, but it was fixed, so I couldn't put it on my wrist to try the feature...
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