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Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:41 pm

So ive noticed in the Google+ communities regarding the oSmart Companion and oSmart master and trying to use the Omate as a companion doesn't seem to work the greatest for everybody. One user managed to get an called Augmented Smartwartch Pro (a companion replacement app) to work but claimed it was rather unfeasible as a replacement for the current implementation. I came across another app like that called WatchIt! and tried it out but it didn't work either. I emailed the developer asking about support for the Truesmart and he said
"Just persuade someone to send me a device for testing and ill see what I can get done."

Now, I doubt he will buy a device for himself but the info might be good to know just in case...what is the cheapest omate compatible/comparable (mediate and umeox I take it) device out there that I can suggest to him? Or maybe some of you may be able to pass along info on how he can maybe attempt compatibility without necessarily having a device on hand? Thanks.
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